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In this section you will find:

  • State-of-the-art technology stack

  • Enterprise security

  • High performance

  • RESTful API

  • Scalable / multi-environment deployment

  • Tech stack agnostic

  • Micro-service architecture

State-of-the-art technology stack

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The Sortal365 content management system is built on robust, secure and reliable cutting-edge technology. It is a cloud-based platform ready for scale and to integrate with any customer environment and technology.

Enterprise security

To guarantee the security of your content, we have applied rigorous methods and a range of security features.

Some of the system’s security features include:

  • data encryption

  • roles

  • flexible access control lists (ACL)*

  • authentication system


*An access control list (ACL) is a table that tells a computer’s operating system which access rights each user has to a particular system object, such as a file directory or individual file. Each object has a security attribute that identifies its access control list. The list has an entry for each system user with access privileges.

High performance

Performance is everything in today’s fast-paced world of sports media. For that reason, we highly optimized the system’s cloud-based APIs and made them easily configurable for speed and responsiveness with any CDN provider.

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To learn more, please see An API-based platform and Why a RESTful API?

Scalable / multi-environment deployment

The Sportal365 CMS can be deployed to any environment and is hosted on the cloud to scale to your needs.

We architected the system to serve your purposes and match your set up. The design of the CMS allows you to create instances* across different environments, so your teams can work on development, pre-production and production environments.

Tech stack agnostic

The Sportal365 CMS is one of the most flexible content management systems on the market built to accommodate the various needs of users.

The platform works with any technology stack–no lock-ins or dependencies, freeing you to use it with your preferred technologies.

In simple terms, this means that our decoupled Football API contains smaller independently deployable units and is compliant with microservice principles.

This setup gives you options. It allows you to use only the Football API, the Football API with the CMS, or only the sports widgets.

We designed our architecture to be fault-tolerant and handle failures gracefully. This ensures that the entire chain of microservices does not fail with the failure of a single component and you can keep your work up.

Micro-service architecture

In simple terms, this means that our platform is compliant with microservice principles and contains smaller independently deployable units.

Note that the CMS cannot operate without the Content API.

We designed our architecture to be fault-tolerant and handle failures gracefully. This ensures that the entire chain of microservices does not fail with the failure of a single component and you can keep your work up.

Use cases

Different stakeholders have different needs. For that reason, the Football API is developed in a way to be used to fulfill the various demands of all stakeholders.

  • CMS and Football API

Naturally, if you use our CMS, there is no going around it, but to use our Football API (and Content API). The CMS works with both APIs to let you create articles with integrated editorial content, sports data, and social media.


  • Only Football API

The Football API, however, can be used independently from our CMS.

Some companies have the resources to develop proprietary content management systems and want to only take advantage of the freedom and data our Football API provides. This way they can create pages designated solely for football statistics on their websites.

In such cases, they interact and access the API directly, without using the Sportal356 CMS.

  • Only Widgets

Widgets can be used independently from our CMS.

This is mostly used in cases when a media already uses a content management solution and wants to improve the quality of its articles by integrating sports-specific statistics about players, games, tournaments, and so on.

In this scenario, widgets are part of the media’s website, so to speak, and talk to the Football API to fetch the necessary information. Widgets are embedded into articles the same way video is, by pasting an embed code.

See also Features.