News tracker

The News tracker allows journalists to create feeds and follow their preferred news outlets, video, and social media channels without leaving the Sportal365 CMS.

To create a news tracker feed, select a News tracker from the left sidebar and enter a title for your feed. Say, Football. You can create as many feeds as you want and each feed can contain up to 50 sources.

Feeds consists of a list of sources (location) and a name. A source (or location) is any of the following:

  • RSS (XM) feed

  • YouTube channel

  • Twitter account

  • Instagram account

To add a source, enter a Location and then save it. When you do that, the system will check the validity of the source (URL) and if the source is valid, the name will be auto-filled; you can change the name later if you wish. In case the source is invalid–you will see an error message.

Once you add sources to your News tracker, your feed will appear as a sidebar on the right side of your screen.


  • RSS feed

Any valid RSS feed will do. For instance:

  • YouTube channel

Any channel can be used. Please make the difference between a channel and a user. Users cannot be added.

Valid YouTube input:

Invalid YouTube input:

  • Twitter account

Any valid Twitter account URL will do. For example:

  • Instagram account

Any valid Instagram account URL will do. For example:

A great thing about the News tracker is that it allows you to add content from your feed as supporting material–say a YouTube video–into the article, video or gallery you are working on. To add content, simply find the content you want in your feed and select Insert in content.