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In this section, you will find answers to questions about the features of the Sportal365 content management system.

The Sportal365 CMS lets journalists/editors create and manage four major types of content:

  • Articles

  • Videos

  • Galleries

  • Images

All content types follow a similar creation and optimization logic and can be displayed as a separate entity on your website.

In addition, all types of content can be mix-used; articles can contain videos, images, and galleries, and vice versa.

See https://media-platform.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKB/pages/914948421.


To create Articles, Videos, and Galleries, there are two must-have elements that you cannot save your post without–Title and Main category.

“Blocky” is an advanced editor that helps journalists customize and enhance their content. Generally speaking, “Blocky” is the body of articles, videos, and galleries created with the Sportal365 CSM.

Blocky allows creators to write and edit in “blocks”, each with a set of editing, formatting, and widget options. It’s a break from the standard WYSIWYG editor with one big what you see what you get area.

Blocky is inspired by the Gutenberg editor used in WordPress-powered sites (See integration between Sportal365 and WordPress) to make the process of content creation simpler, more reliable, and intuitive for users.

See https://media-platform.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKB/pages/914948445.

The “Blocky” editor offers a myriad of features that let you easily create, edit, and optimize content so that it's indexed by search engines, and displayed natively on all devices.

Writing in blocks improves the speed of content creation because of the faster processing of data by the system. It’s a bit like building the structure of your content with LEGO. Each block has specific functions and an editing panel to enable you to structure and customize your content.

Blocky lets you highlight important passages, insert contextual widgets and football statistics, copy/paste blocks, as well as combine various types of content inside the body of articles, videos, and galleries.

See https://media-platform.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SKB/pages/914948445.

When you create content with the Sportal365 CMS, you can add more than a dozen blocks organized under four categories–Text, Content, Football widgets, and Most popular blocks.

Text blocks:

  • Paragraph block

  • Heading block

  • Quote block

  • List block

  • Table block

Content blocks:

  • Article block

  • Video block

  • Gallery block

  • Image block

  • Embed code block

  • Highlight block

  • Link block

  • Banner block

Football widget blocks:

  • Odds widget block

  • Compare odds widget block

  • Team profile widget block

  • Squad / team players widget block

  • Player profile widget block

  • Team comparison widget block

  • Match widget block

  • Match list by Stage / Round widget block

  • Fixtures widget block

  • Top scorers widget block

  • Standings widget block

  • Player H2H widget block

*The Most popular blocks sections is a compilation of the most used blocks.

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