Locking List positions

You know how useful Lists are when you want to group several Articles / Videos / Galleries and display them wherever you want on your website.

Also, Lists let you lock an article from a list in a certain position. Say, if you have a top news article that you want to keep in a central position but move around / change all other articles in the list.

Locking positions in a list

To lock an Article / Video / Gallery in specific position:

  1. Go to the Lists main dashboard, select a list → Edit.

  2. Once the list opens, go to the Lock position box.

3. Select the box or the drop-down arrow on the side to pick a position to lock.

4. Pick a position to lock and select Save Article.

When you lock an article from a list, a lock pad will appear on the screen.

Remember, once you lock an article in a certain position in your list, you can still edit the content of the list by selecting the Edit Comment button and re-arrange the position of all other articles that are not locked.  

Note that you can lock more than one position.