How to add a new Author


Before you start adding an author, you need to make sure the role you have been assigned in the system has the right permissions.

To be able to add a new author in the system, you need to have enabled the following permissions for your profile:

  • read_authors

  • write_authors

  • delete_authors

To learn how to find your permissions, see

Adding an author

Follow the steps below to learn how to add and save an author.

Note that to create and save an author in the system, entering a Name is mandatory.

  1. From the main navigation, select Authors.

  2. When the authors listing screens open, select New Author.


  3. Next, enter an author name and short bio in the Name and Biography boxes.

Remember, entering an author name is mandatory for creating an author.

4. To upload author avatar picture, select Choose file.

5. Select Is Default if you want the newly created author to be assigned as default to your posts.

6. Select Is Active if you want to be able to source future posts with the newly created author.

7. When done, select Save Author.