The idea behind the CMS is to offer flexibility, freedom, and information to content creators, project managers, and developers of any sports media, telecom or bookmaker.

At its core, the platform is designed to enable creators to perform fast and extensive coverage of sports events and deliver it on any device without being dependent on one data provider.

A sports-specific CMS

Sports fans are passionate, often fanatic about the teams they support, and demand extensive and fast coverage of sports events on any device.

The CMS allows the creation of well-rounded content by integrating sports data and editorial content into a single article, keeping all information in one place.

For more information, see Widgets and A sports-specific platform.

Content on any device

The CMS is future proof, so to speak. It allows creators to publish content on any device or channel.

Interface agnostic, the CMS lets developers create their front end presentation (e.g. website, an app) in line with the device they are trying to send content to. It's compatible with different platforms or operating systems.

For more information, see A headless CMS.

Data provider independence

We know how hard and expensive it is to change a data provider.

With us, you have the choice to integrate with the data provider you want, once you access our API. This doesn't mean that you receive your data from several providers at the same time, but that we let you easily switch providers if necessary.

For more information, see An API-based platform.