A sports-specific platform

The Sportal365 CMS turns your website and articles into a destination where sports fans can find everything about their favorite teams, players and tournaments.

When we say sports-specific platform, we mean that it is built for the dynamic environment of sports news coverage.

What sets the Sportal365 CMS apart is that while most content management platforms offer a basic user experience with limited (or none) sports statistics, the Sportal365 CMS combines editorial content, images, videos, and custom-built contextual widgets to deliver well-rounded articles and exhaustive information about the topics that interest readers.

To turn the CMS into a truly sport-focused platform, we designed it to be:

  • Integrated with Sports Data

The integration of sports data into the CMS is a result of the work of APIs and API services, which make possible the connection to top industry data providers. This way we can integrate into the CMS pre-game and LIVE odds from over 200 bookmakers, which journalists can use to create articles with unmatched sports statistics.

  • Custom Sports Data Widgets

Widgets are the add-ons, so to speak, that translate the information the CMS system collects (through our Football API) from data provides to something users can see on their screens. In a way, they are the visual representation of all sports statistics that can be integrated into articles. The Sportal365 CMS has prebuilt widgets for odds, match, standings, leagues, players or team profiles among others. Creators can place widgets within the editorial content and control the data they display.

Below you can see an example of how an article created with the Sportal365 CMS looks like.

To learn more, see Widgets.