What is the Football API?

As we already established, the Sportal356 CMS is based on several RESTful APIs - with the Content API and Football API being the most important in this case, with each serving a purpose in the creation and consumption of unique sports content.

Understanding the Football API

The Football API gives you independence and lets you create sports-specific content that very few in the world can.

Yes, the Football API is responsible for fetching all the sports-related information from your data provider that you integrate into your articles–standings, matches, odds, top goal scorers, fixtures, and more–but it does more than that. It gives you the freedom to choose to integrate with the data provider you want. As we said before, however, this doesn't mean that you receive your data from several providers at the same time, but that we empower you to easily switch providers if necessary.

Note that our platform is built from microservices and the Football API can be viewed as one microservice that can be used separately.

Freedom to change the data provider

The integration with a data provider is a lengthy and costly process. What is more, providers use propriety formats that make it close to impossible to switch to another provider; shall you find yourself unhappy for any reason with their services.

With us, you have the choice to integrate with the data provider you want, once you access our API.

The way it works is simple. Your data still comes from Enetpulse, for example, but you are no longer connected directly to Enetpulse. You are connected to our Football API and you use our proprietary format, which allows you to change providers–because you found a better price or better coverage in your region–without the hassle it usually entails.

In a way, we offer you a backup, but most of all: we grant you freedom.

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