Release Notes 3.22.0.

Hello everyone,

The latest update (v3.22.0.) of Sportal365 is here, and brings new features and improvements to make your experience even more enjoyable.

With this latest release, we introduce image watermarking, an updated design of the Match list by Stage / Round widget, and easier access to Category permissions.

What’s new?

  • Adding watermark to images

  • Control of Category permissions

  • Design update of Match list by Stage / Round widget

Here are more details about the latest features and improvements:

Release 3.22.0. unveils image watermarking. This new functionality makes adding a watermark to your images easier and strengthens your brand presence.

Adding a watermark to images

Adding a watermark to an image happens only from Galleries. To do so:

  1. Go to GalleriesNew Gallery.

  2. Once the Create Gallery window opens select Items.


3. Then, before selecting Upload new images, select the Apply quick watermark checkbox.

Note that you can also edit an existing gallery and add/remove image watermarks.

Removing a watermark

Removing a watermark from an image happens from Galleries and All images.

To remove a watermark from Galleries:

  1. Open a gallery and go to the Items tab.

  2. Select the images from the list that you want to edit.

  3. Go to the Edit items drop-down box and select Remove watermark.

Note that you can remove the watermark from several images at the same time by Selecting all items and then Removing the watermark from the Edit items menu.

To remove a watermark from All images:

  1. Go to All images.

  2. Select an image with a watermark and select the pencil icon to edit it.

3. Once the Image update window opens, select Remove watermark at the bottom.

Note that the images in the All images grid are with their real ratio. This makes it easier to select an image with the right dimensions (landscape, portrait, etc.) when you upload it to your content.

Release 3.22.0. puts you in charge of giving team members access to categories. Until now, if you wanted to gain or give access to a certain category, you had to request that from us. No more.

Managing category permissions

To manage category permissions:

  1. Go to Categories and select Edit permissions. A list with all users will appear.

2. When you select a user, a panel will open next to their name with all the available categories and sub-categories.

3. To give access to a category, select it and Save.

Note that users will not have access to a sub-category unless they have been given access to the main category first.

The update of the Match list by Stage / Round widget is strictly cosmetic i.e. we’ve updated the widget’s design to display the information better and in a more structured way.

Here’s how the new look compares to the old.


Tablet view
Phone view
Desktop view


Tablet view
Phone view
Desktop view