Auto linking & tagging

Auto-linking and auto-tagging are features that improve the way you link and tag the posts you create with the CMS.

Auto-linking is a new feature that makes the process of linking keywords in your posts faster and user-friendly.

The way auto-linking works is simple. When a user is done writing a paragraph inside the body of а post (article, video, or gallery), the system will analyze the text, extract all football entities–names of players, teams, stadiums, coaches, tournaments–and suggest them as keywords under each paragraph. Keywords can be linked inside the text of posts and send readers to pages set by your system operators.

An entity, or a keyword, can be either inserted when it first occurs in a paragraph or everywhere it occurs.

Also, you can manually or automatically insert entities inside paragraphs.

Note that keywords are extracted and suggested automatically based on an index built by your team.

Manual linking

While keywords are always extracted and suggested automatically under paragraphs, linking them can be manual or automatic.

When you link manually, you have more control over how keywords are linked inside paragraphs.

  • Linking in all paragraphs

You can manually insert suggested entities in all paragraphs. When you do that, you can choose to insert in all paragraphs either first occurrences or all occurrences of keywords.

If you select Insert first occurrences, keywords will be linked only the first time they appear inside of paragraphs.

If you select Insert all occurrences, keywords will be linked everywhere they appear in paragraphs.

  • Linking in a specific paragraph

Linking inside of a paragraph means that the actions you apply will be reflected only for that specific paragraph.

In the context of a single paragraph, you can either perform linking actions for the whole paragraph or manage how each keyword is linked.

If you want to add all occurrences of suggested keywords inside of a paragraph, select Add all. To add only first occurrences inside of a paragraph, select Add first occurrences.

If you want to manage how each keyword is linked inside of a paragraph, expand the keyword menu, and choose an action.

Automatic linking

In the case of automatic linking, all actions happen depending on how you set your process.

As we mentioned earlier, linked keywords will send users to a webpage your administrators have set. It could be an URL to a statistical page or whatever you decide.

However, you can edit a link destination. Moreover, you can link the same keyword everywhere in your text, but send readers to different URLs. This is possible with the Do not auto-link option for every keyword.

For example, if you have inserted all occurrences of “Chelsea” inside of a paragraph, and you want to send readers to different locations when they click on each occurrence, select Do not auto-link for the occurrence you want and enter the URL you wish to send readers to.

Auto-tagging is a new feature that is closely connected to the way entities are linked.

You can tag posts with Football Connections–teams, players. Entities detected from all paragraphs are suggested as keywords available to be added in Tags > Football connections.

You can either add keywords separately or all at once.