Emoticons or emojis is a feature that helps journalists make their posts more engaging and cater to an audience used to consuming content infused with interactive and visually appealing elements.

Note that you can insert emojis in the titles, straplines, and the body of articles, videos, and galleries.

How to add an emoji?

To add an emoji to the title/strapline of an article, video or gallery:

  1. Go to the navigation menu → Articles (Video or Gallery)

  2. Create New Article or select an existing one from the list.

  3. In the Tile and Strapline boxes, select the smiley face to expand the emojis list.

4. Find the emoji you want to add and select it.

If you want to add an emoji in the body of your post:

  1. Select a Text block.

  2. When the block’s editing panel opens, select the special characters sign to open the emojis menu.

3. Choose the emoji you want to add and select it.

4. When done, Save Article.

Note that you can only add emojis to Text blocks i.e. Paragprahs Quotes, Headings, Lists, or Tables.

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